Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A step closer to a scroll

This is my final year final semester in UTP and I only got 8 days before I am leaving officially from this institution as a graduate and will have my convocation on October 16th 2011. I gotta admit I am going to miss this place and my friends.

Along my journey so far, after spend half a decade in this place, I can say UTP is Awesome! literally Awesome! despite all the bumpy roads that I've been through. Without these bumpy roads, the journey ain't sweet you know what I mean :) hehe.. Anyways.. it is a wonderful experience here. For the past 5 years fuhh!! there's a lot of things I've been through...tons and tons assignments, butt load of lab reports, torturing projects, ass whooping presentations, final year design projects that really really pain in the really fucked you up, literally! and last but not least the final year project! phew! finally everything is over! haha the feeling of accomplishing it was so damn good that you shit butterflies! hahaha

Besides that, along my journey here I also get the chance to meet tons of awesome people :). Love you guys and I am going to miss you guys especially my close friends. I would like to convey my sincere apologies kalau ade silap dah salah..all the best and good luck to all of us! It's a bitter-sweet journey of friendship that I got here in UTP, gain a few and lost a few too..but that's what makes life here colorful. Especially to the late Mr. Jasmitt and Mr.. Mohd Farhan rest in peace my friends you guys will always be remembered....

There's a lot for me to say but there are no words to describe it. To all of my graduating friends, I'd like to say congratulations guys! All the best in our future  and good luck!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Beauty of Martial Arts

It's been a while since I updated my blog, this time I am going to write something totally new relating to my current interest that is Mix Martial Arts (MMA). I fell in love into the sport unintentionally. It started since August 2010..back then I was eager to join International Muay Thai Club UTP (IMCUTP) . The reason why I want to join is to learn Martial Arts for fun and just for protection just in case shit happens..u know for self defense. I still remember during my 1st day of Muay Thai class it was tiring and to be honest the next day I woke up my whole body aches like I never felt before.But the funny thing is I love the pain! because if it feels good, I am not doing it right!

For a fat guy like me, I admit it I hated exercising, jogging, working out and any cardiovascular activities that makes me sweat! Literally I hated all of those activities but at the same time, I wanted to shredded the fat off without doing those things! As a fat guy, of course, I love eating  and honestly I eat like a king!! To be honest, I hate the look of myself at the mirror. I want to look good and healthy and I have to do something about it or else I'll be end up like a fat ass for the rest of my life with the risk of Hypertension, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and all those scary disease that makes you really scared until you crap yourself. So, finally I've made up my mind, with nothing to prove I give it a shot to do all the cardio that I hated the most.

So I tried doing all the cardio, like jogging, running, swimming and I combined it with Muay Thai. No bullshit I lose 4 kgs in only 2 weeks! I was so motivated and continue on my routine and start hitting the gym on January 2011.  Now, I stopped swimming because the pool is so damn far and for now I only cardio via jogging and rope skipping and continue my Muay Thai class.
As I was saying I am currently interested in MMA and it had come to my senses after I join Muay Thai and being inspired by my Muay Thai Kru that is Mr. Bernard Radin. He's a full time figher with an outstanding fighting records (you guys can google it) and he's famous for his famous kick called "the superkick" that knocked out almost most of his opponents. Literally!!

Through some googling I found some famous MMA association which is UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) that really makes eager to dig more about MMA and what MMA is all about. Being an average joe with an average life, surrounded by outstanding people that are literally good in their studies/sports/co-cu and extra co-cu makes you feel small and sometimes makes you think why can't you be like them? why are you such a loser? Seriously it brings your confidence level down. Seriously I had my confidence down before this and I have to do something about it! Period! 

So I do some extensive googling, reading the profiles of some legendary fighters in the MMA like Randy Corture, Cain Velasquez,Brock Lesnar, Junior Dos Santos, Diego Munez and many more really inspires me. Their love for the game and sports really amazed me. The most touching stories I ever read was the history of Diego Munez. Born in southern Brazil, life was tough for him, he migrated to Brazil with no family, no friends and goes a day sometimes without food (No bullshit) but he believes that God is with him no matter what...his believe makes him even stronger . He possesses a good talent in fighting and turn pro in 2007. He basically started from scratch and his determination inspired me. He has a record of 16 wins 0 draws and 2 losses only!! pretty impressive for me!

I think I got the motivation (9/10), the endurance (3/10), the heart of becoming a fighter (7/10), the talent (??/10). I have nothing to prove to someone else, I want to prove to myself that I can be whatever I wanted to be, to be fit, to be me. Martial arts truly can gave me my confidence back, make me more determine to be the best with nothing to prove to anyone, be more discipline, dedicated and to be honest it had helped me to believe that I can do what I used to think impossible. I never thought I can run more then 60 mins non-stop but now I full 90 mins non-stop and I had run 175 mins non-stop! Last time I can't even do 10 push ups now I can do more than 50 push ups in one time and hopefully the number will increase. I also never thought that I can swim constantly at the distance 50m but personally I had swam 500m before. I also never thought I can use the skipping rope but now I've used it and I love it!

Through my realization, we are capable of doing things that we thought impossible! I will continue my interest in MMA and hopefully to be a fighter one day. I will train at my best, and I will never, ever stop. Maybe fighting is in my blood or maybe not but the spirit of a fighter, is within me. I will never give up as MMA had really had awaken me and give my confidence back. This is my life, I will fight for what I believe in, what makes me strong, I fight for my family and I will keep on fighting physically and mentally. Just like an old iban warrior, Rentap said, " Agi Idup, Agi Ngelaban".

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Meet Audrey :) aka Casio G-Shock G-Lide GLS 5600

It's been a while since I update my blog, so here's my new collection her name is Audrey. It looks tough and look kindda like it is built to be tough! oh yeah that is all G-Shock is all about. So muscular, built for rough environment and extreme sports, not to mention it is awesomely shock resistance! Here's Audrey :)..look at her, she's so calm lying down on her sexy! Aw!!

The special thing about this watch is that Audrey was given by someone special, the one that holds the key to my heart :).  The funny thing is though, Audrey hold a symbol to our relationship. We're both coming from different background and different religion but that does not stopping us to love one another. To be honest, I think she's the one for me but it's complicated. However, even though we are not meant to be together , but at the moment I am happy to know her even for a short period of time, I just wanted to cherish every moment I had with her while I am with her because I know that I couldn't find a girl like her, ever. If life's a video game I'd pause every single moment of her smile, maybe to some it was just a smile, but to me, her smile are simply breathtaking. We're currently having a tough relationship just as Audrey's figure. I will keep this watch as a beautiful remedy of us-a tough relationship. Anyways, Audrey was a light watch and indeed, it is very comfortable to wear. Audrey were way lighter than Betty and Jennifer. hahahaha..sounds like they're fat huh??

Here's some description about Audrey:
  • Shock Resistant
  • 200M Water Resistant
  • Auto EL Backlight with Afterglow
  • World Time of 29 times zones (48 cities), city code display, daylight saving on/off
  • 5 Multi-function Alarms (1 with snooze)
  • Countdown Timer
  • Measuring unit: 1 second
  • Countdown range: 1 minute to 24 hours
  • Others: Auto Repeat, time-up alarm
  • 1/100 second stopwatch
  • Measuring capacity: 999:59'59.99"
  • Measuring modes: Elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place times
  • Hourly Time Signal
  • Low Temperature Resistant (-20 C / -4 F)
  • Button Tone Operation On/Off
  • Auto Calendar (pre-programmed until the year 2099)
  • 12/24 Hour Formats
  • Accuracy: ± 15 seconds per month
  • Battery: CR2025.
Audrey's side view :)

Audrey's Bottom view..She's built for the kill and look sexy from this view :)
Audrey at my wrist..she looks pretty :)

    Thursday, January 6, 2011


    My post for 2011 for my new year resolution might be late to post but oh well it’s never too late.

    Boy, without I realizing it I’ve been studying in UTP officially for  4 years and 6 month now. Supposedly I got another 6 month to go or in other word another semester left, but I guess Shit happens towards the end and I have to extend my study into one more semester, making me finish study by the end of September (hopefully) instead of June 2011. But anyways what the hell? My final semester does not have any class at all.. well that’s the best part so far..I guess..hmm moving on.

    2010 had been splendid to me, full with colour. But I guess my luck is not very good towards the end of the year. Lot of things happened during the I lost my phone, family issue, death threat by an anonymous , car broke down, etc.. etc.. geez! What else could it be right?! Anyways fuck you 2010! Well not all year round I had a bad luck, maybe most of the time..I guess..But there are some good memories too... lets recap...all that I can think of is the good time that I had in campus with my buddies the laugh and crazy things that I did in UTP and Bintulu during my internship..travelling to Sabah to meet my girlfriend (yet My flight got cancelled..bad luck again)...and kindda the mix of some bitterness and sweetness of the time I had makes 2010 a colourful year.

    2011 had come and I hope it’s going to be full with total awesomeness and less with shit in new year resolution are? Hmm I guess it’s hard to tell, but honestly I am trying to change myself to be a better person, more responsible towards myself and my duty as a child and a Christian, as a student and as a person. This year I am hoping to change, more focus, and more serious coz this year I’m turning 23 years old and life’s no joke. I had to plan everything from the start, for my future, my family, and my life...set a new target for myself to achieve and gain confidence in myself and believe in myself more. Wow I sounds so serious there huh? Hahaha but It doesn’t mean I cannot have some fun right? Maybe this year I wanted to go to Singapore, or Thailand let’s see ya? Hehe or  tour around some place I’ve never been before like Perlis, Langkawi, Kuantan or etc etc.

    Anyways I wish all the best to all of my friends this year and if I’ve done wrong in the past, I’m really sorry for all my flaws and mistakes and lets move on and built an awesome memories!

    Friday, November 5, 2010

    The Carousel of life

    Life is a waterfall,
    We’re once in the river and once again after the fall,
    Stand Still, The weak will fall,
    This rule apply to all,

    Life runs at one shot,
    It’s irreversible; no undo, no replay,
    Weaknesses is a gift, not a curse,
    Blame not on the One,
    God created us in His image,
    He made no mistake,

    Life’s full of Shit,
    I know; view it in a different way,
    Everything happens for a reason,
    Blame not on the One,
    For He had written the story long before time,
    He made no mistake.

    Life’s isn’t perfect like in the movies,
    Neither has it run in steady state,
    It’s something we shouldn’t forget,
    Always consider variable changes,

    Life’s full of hopes, dreams and wishes,
    But time spent wishing is time wasted,
    It’s all about taking chances,
    Seize it, or left it wasted.

    Hold on to what you stand for,
    For it defines you from one another,
    Keep it; treasure it in your chest,
    Guard it with your very best,

    Thursday, November 4, 2010

    The Loser part II

    This is part II for the loser; I just wanted to update my weight loss program. Below are my pictures before I came to UTP (about a week before I coming back to campus after internship) somewhere in early July ,2010. At that time my weight was about 88kg.

    And below are my current picture (Specifically taken on November 3rd, 2010, in my room in UTP). My current weight is 74kg.

    Hehe I was verry happy with my achievement and paln to lose until I reach my ideal weight..and hopefully get a nice lean figure :)

    To gain for me it was easy, (well actually because I have an animal appetite) haha..but losing weight man it was damn hard! But all my hard work had payed off and I am kindda like shocked of how big no..not big, big is not the word..more like how huge I was back then in July after internship!!!!!!

    It hit me when I weigh myself at home. Seriously? 88kg! I was like “Damn Phil! You are so damn fat! You better do something! ASAP! “.

    It’s been a tough few months for me to actually lose from 88kg to 74kg. Ito be honest I do not have the dedication to work out or doing cardio every day. Trust me I hated it as much as I hate pineapple.

    But I said to myself “Phil, it’s not going to work if you do not try” to me it was just the matter of I do it or I don’t! So, I take my chances I decided to start jogging every evening, sometimes swim (at the beginning of August only then I stop swimming), hit the gym for some time with my buddies (but not frequent). But now I still continue to jog almost every evening. I also do take some supplements to help me to lose weight and surprisingly, when it all combined together, I get a satisfying results.

    To lose weight I also have to diet, I eat more vegetables and meat, reduce my carb intake (ie less eating rice) and try to control my piranha appetite.

    This is just to share my experience and I hope to inspire others as well.

    Wednesday, November 3, 2010

    A Final Year Story

    It’s been a while since I update my blog. Just a little updates from me here hehe 

    Lately I’ve been busy with my Final Year Design Project I (FYDP I) and gosh I was REALLY REALLY hectic and stressful. I’m glad it is all over now phew! For the last three weeks I’ve spent most of my time in iCON lab for almost 8-12 hours per day for a week doing simulations PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plant.

    At first it was okay, towards the end, you’ll get some error where your simulation can’t converged and trust me it was really fucked up. Then you have to solve each error one by one and start it all over again until there are no more error. Wait! That’s only the first part, the second part is where you have to introduce the recycle stream oh yeah baby and the same frustrating shit occurs again and again.

    Okay after recycling is over the next fucked up is to doing the heat integration (HI) where you recover the heat and oh yeah things will gets better and better for you!! (Well, just the total opposite of that actually) after the HI is done you have to redesign your process flow diagram (PFD) that you initially done and you apply the corresponding HI that you’ve made previously into it! Trust me, it’ll make you puke, faint, sick, and everything related that makes your life miserable. Below are my iCON simulation before and after HI see the difference?
    (PET iCON simulation before HI)

    (PET iCON simulation after HI)

    When it’s all finished, you have to present it. And Oh yeah the ass whooping time! That’s what I’d like to call it. No matter how confident you are, how good your design is, it doesn’t matter, you still get your ass kicked , knocked out or at least get a slap! as it is for me, well since I’m a guy it’s kindda like erm..someone slap your balls or I dunno if you are a woman, maybe it was like a light punch on the boobs? (I’m just saying). Obviously, after the presentation almost everyone is in a breakdown mode/fucked up mode/shitty mode or something equivalence to that feeling. Yeah I was down after the presentation, I’m not gonna lie however I’m glad the ass whooping session is over..well at least for that time.

    It does not stop there, you still have a report to do! I swear on J.Lo’s butt it’s the worst report I’ve done in my entire life!! Even though it’s a group work, the work load is still to much. Almost every day I slept at 3 - 4am finishing my part for the report and not to mention I have to study for some incoming test/Final year project (FYP) oral presentation and FYP Interim report. Finally, on November 2nd, we submitted report and phew!!!!!!!!!!! What a relief!!!

    Well that’s my update for the past three weeks and now I’m free like an eagle baby! Yeah!