Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A step closer to a scroll

This is my final year final semester in UTP and I only got 8 days before I am leaving officially from this institution as a graduate and will have my convocation on October 16th 2011. I gotta admit I am going to miss this place and my friends.

Along my journey so far, after spend half a decade in this place, I can say UTP is Awesome! literally Awesome! despite all the bumpy roads that I've been through. Without these bumpy roads, the journey ain't sweet you know what I mean :) hehe.. Anyways.. it is a wonderful experience here. For the past 5 years fuhh!! there's a lot of things I've been through...tons and tons assignments, butt load of lab reports, torturing projects, ass whooping presentations, final year design projects that really really pain in the really fucked you up, literally! and last but not least the final year project! phew! finally everything is over! haha the feeling of accomplishing it was so damn good that you shit butterflies! hahaha

Besides that, along my journey here I also get the chance to meet tons of awesome people :). Love you guys and I am going to miss you guys especially my close friends. I would like to convey my sincere apologies kalau ade silap dah salah..all the best and good luck to all of us! It's a bitter-sweet journey of friendship that I got here in UTP, gain a few and lost a few too..but that's what makes life here colorful. Especially to the late Mr. Jasmitt and Mr.. Mohd Farhan rest in peace my friends you guys will always be remembered....

There's a lot for me to say but there are no words to describe it. To all of my graduating friends, I'd like to say congratulations guys! All the best in our future  and good luck!

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